SKAO GHANA mission is to combat the endemic problem of child labour and trafficking in the fishing communities  within the ten regions in Ghana and Africa through education, rehabilitation, and community empowerment.

Saturday 22nd of July, 2017 was another bright, yet cool moment down Mahem, as the morning sunlight witnessed all the passion for a clean environment down the settlement of Mahem. Everyone looked busy despite some few people who had left the town to main city,

‘Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world’

-Nelson Mandela

Malaria Kills one child every 30 seconds, about 3000 children every day. Over one million people die from malaria each year, mostly children under five years of age. An estimated 300-600 million people suffer from malaria each year.

Why Volunteer With SKAO Ghana?

In your free time, you can see and experience all Ghana has to offer. You will have the chance to travel to Accra, around Ghana and neighboring countries in your free time. There is a lot of fun to be had close to Accra and Kasoa including beaches, historical sites and friendly people.

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