During July 2017, SKAO Team visited Mahem Community in Weija a suburb in Accra to provide health talks on Malaria to raise awareness of the disease. They were both led by Prince who is a health worker with the support of Sarah, Judith, Ann and Catherine who are all nurses from Germany. The word Malaria means ‘Bad Air’. The name of the disease comes from a belief of the past that poisonous fumes over marshes shifted towards residential areas and made people sick.

The truth is that these marshes were the breeding site of the responsible for malaria transmission mosquitoes.

Prince explained to the people that Malaria is an infectious disease caused by the Malaria Parasite (Plasmodium) and transmitted by female mosquitoes of the Genus Anopheles.

He then went on to advice the people how the female anopheles ticks up the plasmodium from an infected person which previously had a story stung.

It is important for the people to get the picture or apprehend the signs and symptoms of Malaria. Prince informed the people about this by using a designed health posters from SKAO volunteers to support his sessions. The most recognized symptoms which the people had a little idea on were flu – like symptoms that occurs in both young and adult.

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Prince continued with his talk on the prevention for malaria to educate the people on the precautions one has to take during daily life. He spoke about the ways to control the disease, which included the following measures draining or destroying of empty containers, weeding around houses, sleeping under treated mosquito nets, netting doors and windows, use of creams and mosquito repellants.1 23

In addition to that, he grouped these measures in three categories which are Community Protection Measures, House Protection Measures and Personal Protection Measures

The people actively participated in discussions with Prince and his team on what they have learned during the sessions. He then gave the people opportunity to ask any questions on malaria. Prince elaborated on the areas that seem not to be clear to the people and answered all their questions to their understanding.

Above all, the people left the program with confidence knowing how Malaria came about and how Malaria is transmitted? How to know if you have Malaria?

The talk had a great impact on the people and realized how it can change the lives of both young and adult in the community.

SKAO Ghana is much concern in providing a wealth of free health information on such diseases as Malaria and many common diseases in Ghana, West Africa and the World as a whole. We believe that trustworthy, information is essential in helping the people make a better decision about their health and care.

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