unnoticed, SKAO GHANA volunteers bending with their tools, youth for all volunteers, shop owners left business and this time at least minded about no money, residents took no jokes with garbage.

On this very day, the tremendous efforts of SKAO GHANA could not go un noticed as leaders fully participated and mobilized the community to join the exercise before the malaria health talk was held.

Prince Zola Nyarko (SKAO Organizer) said “it’s our pride to work with YOUTH FOR ALL GROUP and a clear indication that our role is now recognized and the group managed to mobilize majority of the community members despite the fact that they were informed late, SKAO is willing to work with the youth for all group whenever called upon.

With the coming together of different parties to carry out the exercise, the community was able to realize what team work can bring when it comes to cleaning the communities. Therefore realizing that it is not the capital Authority’s responsibilities to keep the communities clean BUT a collective responsibility, for if NOTHING is done to change the environment in which we live, and then we have NO right to complain about it.

People’s passion to cleaning the environment was evident during this exercise .The amazing thing was the joy on the faces of both men women who were working and that inspired the children to get involved with the ongoing exercises.

Mr. Prosper Kwamson the committee chairman of the “YOUTH FOR ALL GROUP “had long talks with community.

He said, residents are well convinced that it’s the youth for all group‘s responsibilities to do the cleaning of the community and secondly general clean up campaigns, of this nature are headed by area volunteers who have to “sweet talk” the community for the votes benefits.

Mr. Prosper Kwamson believes that good sanitation reflects a clean and healthy mind of the people living in the community and encouraged fellow residents to take the issue of good sanitation as serious.

He thanked whoever participated and gave credits to SKAO GHANA for their support and he also commended the YOUTH FOR ALL GROUP for the mobilization.

In conclusion, Mr. Kwamson said that he had been hearing about SKAO GHANA, but now he gets to realize that they are playing a big role in the society and the country in general.

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